Apr 24, 2014


To Sophia

Fantastic trip.  Feedback:


·         Advance preparation by Holiday China China including Sophia’s excellent communication were very good.

·         Beijing hotel that the airline provided us with was not very nice at all, but you may have no input over that.  It was close and was tolerable for 1 night, but not someplace I would recommend.

·         Hainan Airlines very good.

·         Tour guides in every city were very good.

·         Tour busses in every city were very good.

·         Tours in every city were very good (Giant Buddah, Pandas, Great Wall, Forbidden City).

·         Restaurants in every city were pretty good / very good.  Food maybe slightly too western, andChengdu would have been nice not to go to same restaurant for lunch+dinner, but no big complaints. Overall we got plenty of food, lots of choices, and I think everyone was pretty happy and very well fed.  Hannah in Bejing took us to a great lunch restaurant on 2nd day.

·         Hotels in every city organized by HCC were very good overall with good locations:

o   Chengdu Hotel had fantastic daily breakfast.

o   Beijing hotel had a swimming pool which the kids loved!!

o   I recommend reminding all hotels that westerners like non-smoking rooms, non-smoking floors, etc.  This is an opportunity for improvement overall.

o   Having wi-fi available at every hotel made the issue of cell phone service much easier to deal with.  I think this is an important feature to tell future travelers about as email contact with home and each other made life much easier than expected.


Overall I felt very happy with my experience with Holiday China China and I would definitely recommend future BHIS groups use HCC for their 5th grade trips!


Thank you!



(Itinerary: Private customized tour: Chengdu - Chongqing - Beijing. Trip taken in March - Apr 2014)

Nov 25, 2013

Dear Sophia:

It was nice talking to you on the phone after getting back from our trip.aal of us Ck, Jou, Tina and Alice and me felt that this was a wonderful experience.

The airline service was very good. Flights were on time most of the time and we had plenty of food and drink.

Once inside the country, we were greeted by our guides.They were very knowledgeable about the areas we were traveling and always willing to make adjustments as needed.

The food on the road was exciting! Always well prepared, tasty and enjoyable. The food at the hotels was also wonderful.

We had full days of travel, sight seeing, shopping and picture taking. We were all tired at the end of the day and ready for a good night's rest.The hotel accommodations were three and four stars as described. Very clean and safe.

The town's people we met along the way were always friendly, courteous and willing to help with directions and advice as to what to see, where to eat and where to shop.

None of us got sick. We were tired, because the daily schedule was full, but that is what we expected and wanted. Lots of walking, climbing,going up stairs and taking tours around many museums.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience for all of us. Even for Ck and Jou and their wives. They had never been to this part of China before, so it was a very revealing experience for them as well.

Thanks again for your assistance in making this trip enjoyable for all of us Sophia. I would highly recommend it to someone considering going on this particular tour.


(Washington State)

(Itinerary: HCC09 Silk Road 10 Days. Tour was taken in Oct 2013.)

Jul 18, 2012

HI Joyce, How are you? The trip was absolutely fabulous. My parents are feeling better. The tour guides were all excellent. I would like to mention Linda in Bejing. She took control of the situation when my mother wasn't feeling well. The driver also did a great job. Maggie in Xian did a great job as well being accomodating about finding food for my son. Leslee in Shanghai also did a great job when I got sick. She called a cab for me and made sure I got back to my hotel. She also called me to follow up to see how I was. All the tour guides were great but those three did an exceptional job. They made sure we got to the airport and safely to all our destinations. All the hotels were nice but my favorite was the Oriental Bay Hotel, the Empark in Xian and the Crown Plaza. The elite garde and Bravo in Guilian were okay but not as nice as the other three. The Victoria Jenna was a wonderful ship and we enjoyed that. Their food and entertainment were wonderful! I like the excursions they had and they did a good job taking care of all their passengers. The cruise ship to Yangshou was okay but obviously not as nice as the Jenna. The food and the entertainment were pretty good. I especially enjoyed the show in Xian and the impressions show in Guilian. All in all, it was a great trip and you guys did a great job. Thanks again for all your help and I will definitely recommend Holiday China China to other people. Have a great week. Letitia


(Washington State)

(Itinerary: HCC08 Best of China and Yangtze River Cruise, Beijing - Yangtze River Cruise - Chongqing - Guilin - Yangshuo - Shanghai)

Jul 17, 2012

Title: Aloha, thank you, had a wonderful time


Thank you for arranging the trip for us! We had a wonderful time!

I was telling Lori that the things Chinese people talk about on a trip are usually: Did you have fun, what did you eat, what did you do. And, in that order.

The trip was so much fun! For my kids, the highlights were The Embassy, The Toboggan ride down the Great Wall, the Bike Ride on the city wall in Xian, seeing the big animals in Beijing, and having free time to themselves in Hong Kong. We gave our 17 year old a key to the hotel, and the 11, 13, and 15 year girls a key. All took off on their own and had to be back to meet Mom and Dad after so many hours. They got lost together, ate together, and will remember it forever.

The food was wonderful! We tried so many different dishes with a wide variety of flavors. I wish our guides and driver would have eaten with us. We could have learned more about their lives and cultures. So much food was wasted and I did feel bad about that.

Our tour guides were wonderful. They are the ones that really make it or break it for a group this big. Please share my rave reviews with them. (Also, the driver in Beijing probably saved our lives more than once. He was exceptionally good.) One was always in front leading the pack and the national guide in the back to make sure we did not lose anyone. And when someone from the group had to stay behind to rest and take in the sights, a guide was right there to stay with them. Lily in Beijing was very friendly, informative, and she really went out of her way to get things when people asked for items not on the tour. I know she had to find those items after she left us at 8:00 at night, go out, get it and have it ready for us by 7:30 the next morning. She knew where to get really good chops made out of jade (the chop imprint was really really good), she got a special cream to heal things, she arranged for a massage in the hotel room, etc. In Xian we had another guide who was so informative and funny. He planned ahead, had excellent connections and used them for our benefit. He got us the best table in the house for the acrobat show. Right in front, right in the center. When we went to see the Terra Cotta Warriors, he used his connections to have the bus park right in front so we did not have to walk over a mile from the parking structure to get to the buildings. I left the group and Jeff the National Guide when we went to Shenzhen but Jeff was really good. He really kept everything on track. He did the small things so that no one else had to worry about it. Our final stop with the guide was to see the villages. Tommy did a great job, in my opinion. Please let him know. His job was unusual because not many people are able to find these obscure villages. We noticed that men only spoke with the men and women with the women. Well, for outspoken women from the US, it was a bit of a shock. You really do need Tommy to do those type of things for you if you want to find the villages. I know Suzanne was quite pleased when he got her to both of her villages too. I liked being in Toisan and having free time after lunch. Rudy and I took Mary Morgan and our son into the city to wander around. It was a lot of fun! We wandered around the local streets and somehow found the hardware section. Hidden among that was someone selling odds and ends. I found a wonderful piece of jade with brass around the outside and inside. It may not be worth it to anyone else but it came from my parent’s hometown so it means the world to me. We were also able to find a place that gave us a 2 hour massage for $14. My girls stayed behind and got to eat at McDonald’s which I am sure they appreciated very much. In our family, a craving for hamburger, a coke, and fries is a welcome surprise after 10 days of Chinese food. Tommy also gave the group time to do shopping at night in Zhuhai. Many people did not take advantage of it but we did. Found amazing things with Lori’s family. It was 3 blocks from the border so we walked to the crossing area and found so many shops. Rudy took our kids go cart racing and to the electronic section to look around. The guides did their best to show us their hometowns and it was appreciated.

Everyone had a fun time and split up in Hong Kong. I took one family with me to the Ladies Market at night (Lori’s) and Audrey’s family the next morning to the Jade Market , a place on her list that she wanted to eat at on the Kowloon side which was a block away from the hotel, and a massage place 50 yards away from the YMCA. We were even able to get Shakey’s Pizza a half a block from the YMCA. Rudy managed to find a restaurant called Macau Restaurant a block away from the YMCA and all 28 of us were able to eat at the same time. And our time away from the group was a lot of fun. We did a lot but at a slower pace. Sometimes, like you said, you just need a little downtime to take in the sights that others may not want to see.

Your company went over and beyond what I expected.



(Itinerary: HCC01 The Discovery of China 8 Days, Beijing - Xian, plus extension to Guangdong.)

May 22, 2012

Hello Joyce,

We are back and brand large really enjoyed our trip. I am sure that Bing will call and talk to you as she is more particular than I am (she has not travelled as much as I have). We enjoyed the sights, the hotels were fine and the food OK but I do have some comments. I am sure more to follow from Bing.

1. You really need to stress to people like I am who have trouble walking how much walking there really is. I could barely make it through the Beijing airport let alone the other Beijing sites. We ended up getting wheel chairs where available.

2. I would not ever go to Shanghai again; it is just a classic financial center neither worth the money or time. The guide was fine and very helpful but I can see tall buildings and buy the same products in Seattle cheaper.

3. There was a problem with the tour in Shanghai in that their records did not include our going on the night time river cruise which was clearly shown on our itinerary. They were very good about the issue and took us on the tour but you need to clear up the issue with them so that they know were were correct.

4. We could not access the internet while traveling except when our tour guide in Shanghai showed us the change in the flight from Nanjing to Beijing. You should make a greater effort to leave notice with the various hotels so that we would have known. If the guide was not doing a good we could have missed our flight.

5. Finally when you changed our flight you did not put it as a connecting flight to he Seattle leg so we had to collect our bags and drag them to terminal two and then recheck them. Just a pain in the butt, but we had plenty of time.

Overall I am very satisfied and we have already talked about another trump in Oct'13. We would visit some different places the next time.

Best regards,


(Itinerary: HCC02 The Middle Kingdom 12 Days, Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Yangshuo - Shanghai)

May 6, 2012

Hi Sophia,

Wanted to let you know that we really had a good time on our China trip. The tour guides were excellent, the hotels were first rate, and we had for the most part good weather. We really got the VIP treatment in that we were the only people on the tour.

Should we hear of anyone interested in going to China we will definitely recommend you and Holiday China China.

Tom & Carol Swim

(Itinerary: HCC07 The Best of China 15 Days, Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Yangshuo - Hangzhou - Suzhou - Shanghai)

Oct 26, 2011

Hi Jack,

I just realized that we've been back from China for over a month and I never got around to telling you how fabulous our trip was. Every last detail worked out wonderfully and China is now a very fond memory. Thank you for organizing such a great itinerary for us.

I especially want you to know how impressed we were with our guides and drivers. Our first guide, Sunny, in Beijing, really stood out. Her English was very good and she has been a guide for about 10 years. She was so knowledgeable about history, architecture, art, politics, the age of trees, etc. She was very patient with us, as we wanted to do and see everything. She got a lot of exercise with us, and never complained. She also worked long hours. We didn't realize right away that she had to take public transportation to and from our hotel to where she lived. I know that her travel time was over an hour each way to get to our hotel, but she never seemed tired. Mr Woo was our first driver, and then Mr.Young. Both were excellent, and we always felt safe in the traffic of Beijing. I don't know how they always managed to be so prompt in picking us up, but they were.

Peter, who was our guide in Guilin and Yangzhou was young and new to being a tour guide. He did a great job though. He went out of his way to upgrade our tickets to the Impressional Sanijie Liu. As a matter of fact, we were so tired that night we almost didn't go to the show. But Peter wouldn't let us skip it and we are so thankful. That show was a highlight of our entire trip. We're still talking about that performance. One of Peter's cousins was one of the fishermen in the show so that gave us a little perspective about the show and the village that it's in.

Sophie, our guide, and Mr. Jung, the driver, in Hangzhou, were great. Mr. Jung stayed with us throughout our days in Shanghai as well. Our final guide, Ruby, took us around Shanghai. By then, we were exhausted and the weather turned rainy. Ruby was very agreeable about changing plans when our boat tour was cancelled, and we were too wet to stay downtown for dinner. She took us back to our hotel so we could change into dry clothes and eat near the hotel. Shanghai is so big, it's not easy or convenient to change plans, but Ruby managed.

We're so glad toured China on our own with your guildes. We felt like we really saw a lot that we couldn't have managed in a large group. For example climbing up some of the stairs to view points or temples would have been impossible with a large crowd. We were often the only people in some of the incredible places. We could also take our time when we really loved something, and leave quickly if we didn't enjoy it. The trip was perfect!!

Thank you so much for your efforts in planning our adventure.

Jamar Pearson

(New York State)

(Private customized tour. Itinerary: Beijing - Guilin - Hangzhou - Shanghai)

May 12, 2011

Dear Mr. Jack Chen:

My fiancée and I would like to thank you for putting together our 14 day tour to China. All the arrangements went according how you had it scheduled and we did not run into any significant problems during our tour. Below are our comments regarding the tour arrangements:

1. Airline arrangements went well and the Hainan Air flight from Seattle to Beijing on their Airbus went very well with a lot of movie choices to look at to past the time during the 11 hour flight.

2. The hotels per your arrangements were truly 4 to 5 star status. One dinner on our own time was at the Titan Times Hotel (Xian). We all (5 tour members) would recommend their Chinese dining room which very reasonable ($12.50 per person) and the meal was one of the best on our tour.

3. Our tour guides handled everything professionally and were well versed regarding China’s current and historical information. The 10 day China tour was scheduled for breakfast at 7:00am and finishing dinner around 8:00pm, making it a 13 hour busy day. We enjoyed every day of this busy schedule to see as much as we can of China.

4. There were just a couple of lunches that did not measure up to the rest of the tour. (mainly the Great Wall and one of the China airlines lunches)

5. Dinners were excellent especially for Peking Duck and the Dumpling Banquet.

6. Stage shows were spectacular at the Chinese Acrobatic Show and the Tang Dynasty Stage Show.

7. We were by ourselves in Hong Kong and had no trouble getting around to the tourist spots by bus and/or subway. The hotel (Royal Plaza Hong Kong) is located for easy access to the metro and is next door to the Grand Plaza Shopping Center which has over 15-20 different small restaurants for all your meals. Better bargain than eating at the hotel.

We do not have any hesitation in recommending Mr. Jack Chen for any type of travel to China with all the arrangements being handled very professionally.

Very truly yours,

/s/ Edwin Wong, /s/ Naomi Takagi

(Itinerary: The Discovery of China in 10 Days (HCC02) plus Hong Kong for 4 days)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hello Jack,

We want to thank you so much for a wonderful 10 day trip to China. We could not be happier with all the arrangements, hotels, guides, and food. We can't wait to arrange another trip soon. Your attention to details and quick response to a small problem was reassuring. We had great weather and great guides, especially Grace Wang, the national guide. She was so helpful and nice.

The hotel in Xi'an has some housecleaning problems, especially mold under the plastic mat in the shower. They tried to correct the problem immediately and gave us a small fruit plate to assuage the problem.

Thank you so much and our sister-in-law from Philadelphia is very appreciative of your efforts in their trip to China. We will continue to refer people to you.

attached are a few pictures from the Great Wall.

Thank you,

Larry & Bette Luke

(Itinerary: HCC02 The Discovery of China 10 Days. (Beijing - Shanghai - Xian))

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dear Sophia,

thank you very much for all your help. It was a wonderfull and quite an educational trip. As I'm aware of, everyone in the group like it.

Now we have even more respect and admirations for China and her people.

Thank you again,


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Good Morning Joyce,

I told Pam, Wanda and MaryAnn that I would tell you how much we enjoyed the trip. We had such a good time that we would like to go again.!

China is a beautiful country and we were able to see much of it on our trip.

The people were very friendly and helpful.  We loved seeing the children.

The drivers were excellent and we were very glad that you provided us with such skillfull drivers. 

The hotels were very nice-especially the last hotel in Guangzhou. 

Our guides worked very hard to make the trip enjoyable for us.  Their knowledge of the local areas and the historic sites was impressive.

My favorite parts of the trip were the cruise on the Li River and the Terra Cotta warriors in Xian.  We were able to see the farmer who discovered the warriors.  It was a thrill to meet him.  He shook my hand.

I have always wanted to visit China and you and your staff helped to make my dream come true.

We did have a concern that we wanted to express to you.  Our last stop at Guangzhou did not live up to our expectations.  The guide met us at the airport and was very friendly.  When we got in the van he informed us that we would be going to dinner and then to the hotel. We were told if we wanted to shop we could take a cab from the hotel to the shopping area.  He did write the address for the hotel in both English and Chinese so we could give it to the cab driver.  He provided this when we asked him for the information.  After he left we decided against going to the shopping area because we were concerend we might get lost and might also have difficulty in finding a cab for our return to the hotel.  Nothing was mentioned about Su Yat-Sen Memorial Hall.  According to our itinerary provided by you we should have visited the memorial hall and gone shopping for souvenirs.

Once we were at  the hotel the guide did stay and help us check-in.  He then told us that he would not be going to the airport with us in the morning.  Only the driver would be with us. The driver was very good and he picked us up at the hotel the next morning.  He did his job very well. (Prior to Guangzhou, the guides went with us into the airport and helped us check in for our flights.)

Basically we flew to Guanzgzhou, had dinner, and slept at the hotel. If we had known this ahead of time we would have preferred to stay in Yangshou and shop in the local market.  Ellen our guide had taken us to the Yangshou Bazaar and we enjoyed this very much.  We thought we could finish our shopping in Guangzhou since we were busy during our trip and did not have much time to shop for souvenirs.  We also spent the time flying from Guilin to Guangzhou and then from Guangzhou back to Beijing. This extended our flying time on the last day by several hours .  Also the airfare from Guilin to Guangzhou and then to Beijing was an  expense that was not needed.  We could have flown from Guilin to Beijing and then back to the United States. We knew before we left about the flying time on our last day but we  understood that we would be doing things in Guangzhou other than eating dinner and sleeping in the hotel.  Needless to say that did not happen and we made the trip for nothing.  We did not see anything of Guangzhou except on the trip from the airport to the restaurant then the hotel and back to the airport the next day. 

We feel that the guide named Owen did not fulfill his job. We would also ask that we receive a credit toward a future trip since the last part of the trip was not fulfilled per the itinerary.

We wanted you to know about this since the guides work for you.  While we were disappointed with the last day of our trip, the overall experience was wonderful.  We look forward to the opportunity to discuss this issue with you.

Xie Xie, 


Wed, 7/21/10

Good afternonn, Jack

We are back. It was a wonderful trip. I would like to thank you for your help.

When I ready for a trip to China again, I will contact you.

Below is the pictures Emerson took in China

Thank you very much

Linda Matson

November 5, 2009

Dear Jack Chen,

I am writing this letter on behalf of my family and myself to personally thank you for arranging out itinerary for the trip that we had just returned from China.

It was my family's first time to China, and I wanted them to experience their trip with an organized tour that would enable them to experience the many reknown sites that China is known for in the short time that they had, that is why I chose your company.

We were greeted immediately from departing from our plane in China, and it was very easy to reconigize the Holiday China China flag that you had told us to look for. Since it is a bit difficult for me to do a lot of walking, the tour guide helped me obtain a wheelchair to bring along with on each of the tour site. Every request from myself or my family was granted with sincere service. I had requested to dine at a restaurant in Xian so that my family could experience the hand made noodles that are well known in that region and our tour guide Mr. Leo Zhang made a few inquiries and was able to accommodate my request.

I have mdae several trips to China, some using your company and I would again highly recommend your services and company to any of my extended family and friends. Thank you for taking such good care of me and my family. I look forward to my next trip to China and working with you and Holiday China China again.


George Woo

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hello Jack,

I missed your call on the other day, I hope you just wanted to wish us a good trip, indeed we do, the weather finally cool off in Xian, we tour the temple and the city wall, we were taking back to the hotel to relax before dinner and a show of some sort.

So far so good, all the tour guides are nice and professional, some are better other, but so far we are impress with this one from Xian.  Hotels are all nice except the one in Shanghai for us, everyone else's rooms are roomy, ours was small, but it was only for a couple of nights, so it was no big deal, we are payoff today though with an upgrade to a suite, so can't complaint.

Food are getting closer to our taste, Beijing's meals were plain, and we learned that seafood is very expensive here, I guess we were spoiled with home's choices of seafood, I guess we'll wait till we go home for them.

So much for now, just thought I let you know that everyone are ok, I'm glad to have the national tour guide, because our flight from Beijing to Shanghai was canceled and he took care of all the bookings and we arrived there about 3 hours late, but we were able to complete all places on the itinerary, no worry.

Lien Do

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Good afternoon, Jack

Will you be in your office this Saturday, July 18? If so, we would like to come visit you and tell about the good trip we had.

Thank you

Linda Matson

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I just returned from the 9-day China Middle Kingdom Tour. I have not been to China for nearly 40 years so it was eye-catching to see the tremendous progress and changes since then.

The tours of Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Summer Place and the Great Wall were electrifying as was the tour of the 2008 Olympic games stadiums. Visits to Hangzhou and the West Lake, and Suzhou with its canals, confirmed the Chinese saying that “there is heaven above and Hangchou and Suzchou on earth”. Both of those cities are just heavenly, beautiful. And, Shanghai, the financial center, is indeed, the “modern face of China.” The city just glows at night and the boat cruise on the Huangpu River was breath taking. The trip to the Shanghai Museum, which had displays of ancient Chinese art and culture, and the trip to old Chinese commercial area were added bonuses.

Moreover, I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the cities and how well maintained the streets, boulevards, parks, gardens, and the sites we saw. You can see people cleaning the streets and storekeepers dusting their sidewalks every morning. Even though the big cities in China are way larger than those in the United States, those in China are much cleaner.

I know that all of the 12 persons in our group enjoyed the tour. Our tour leader was very accommodating, knowledgeable, and helpful. The entertainment, especially the “Legend of Kungfu” show, was very good. The food, however, was so-so – not as good as Cantonese food.

The tour, in sum, provided a good glance of how China has been able to preserve its ancient and rich heritage, while forging ahead with rapid modernization and economic growth.

Doug Chin