About Us

The founding the the company

Jack Chen is the founder of Holiday ChinaChina. Jack was born in the countryside of China. He wanted to see the world so he learned English. He became a tour guide so he could take foreigners around China and in that way he could visit places without paying. He moved to New York after years of being a tour guide. Since he had a great enthusiasm in tourism and the love for China, he became a travel agent. He's helped thousands of people to travel to China. He designed the tour itineraries and arranged them for his clients. He sometimes just enjoyed providing information about China to his clients. He realized that he loved doing that and his customers appreciated his help. He was rewarded with a lot of praising and smiles. When he moved to Seattle, Jack decided to open his own company. That is how Holiday ChinaChina was founded. Jack wants to send his customers to places that he likes the most. He doesn't want to send them to places that cost less but not the best. He understands some competitors try to cut costs on every aspects to make more money, but that is not he wants to do. He tries to cut cost by designing more efficient itineraries and choosing hotels wisely.

Jack has his philosophy for traveling in China.

A. Must see the best places, not the cheaper ones. For example, there are a few places to see the Great Wall in Beijing. Jack recommends the Great Wall at Mutianyu. The reasons are this part the wall is more beautiful and original, less crowded and you can see the wall in farther distance. Most competitors arrange the ones that are closer to Beijing, which are newer and more crowded.

B. Hotels have to be clean and have non smoking rooms. He doesn't recommend people to stay at brand name hotels if they want to save money. Jack knows how to choose nice hotels with lower prices and great locations. Sometimes 4 star hotels are good enough, but sometimes it has to be 5 star hotels. It all depends.

C. Less tourist shopping stores, no Chinese medicine stores. Jack knows people want to see the beautiful places, but not to waste too much time on shopping at expensive tourist stores. He send his shoppers to local shopping areas for local arts, clothing and crafts. He makes sure there is time for walking in local shopping areas in each city, so that his customers can interact with the local people and buy things at good prices.

D. Clean restaurants with safe food. Jack makes sure the restaurants clean. They also have good reputations

E. The tour guides and drivers have to be nice and polite.


Holiday ChinaChina's Mission

Our Mission: We are dedicated to creating high quality and affordable tours to China. We want more people to enjoy the beautiful China, to learn Chinese culture and to establish friendship with Chinese people.

Our Spirit: Your happiness is the best reward.

Why choose us?

A. Higher quality with lower prices.

B. Guarantee departures.

C. Small group size, better service. Each tour group has about 10 to 15 people. That means our tour guides can pay more attention to you and answer more questions.

D. Outstanding English tour guide services.

E. Our itineraries are carefully and professionally designed by very experienced professions from China. Quarantee that you won’t miss any important sites in each city; Quarantee that the itineraies are the most efficient; Quarantee that the tineraries fit you the best.

F. Our staffs are professional, helpful and friendly.